By Justino Guerrero 

Abstract Lime Marble stucco 

Justino focuses on Lime Marble textures and abstract color compositions. Most based on traditional Italian spatulata and trowel techniques,

 Innovation is my goal , paint with Marble Putty its a challenging unique technique making one of a kind, "instead of brushes  i use trowels "  surface structures and textures of the environment and nature inspire me, creating new abstract compositions . The works reflect my attitude of life and of painting 'less is more'. In times of overload of visual impressions, I try to send the viewer on a journey of discovery across the painting surface and sensitive him for the path of the trowel, structures, cracks and textures. , a perpetual challenge to create something different from the ordinary.  

Send us your Ideas or let us create something for you in any size custom boards or over an accent wall 

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minimalist artist Justino Guerrero








Metallic Efect Abstract by Justino Guerrero



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