• Mural Venetian Plaster

    We create Beautiful  textures over walls and ceilings. with our most recent Italian tradition techniques and finish innovations.  luxury plaster studio travels the world in search of the most updated and beautiful wall finishes for our clients.  

  • fireplace update

    let us update your fireplace with an authentic italian stucco dicalce finish

    a great variety of designs and color .

  • floor & Countertop skim coating

    What is Microlime ?


    is a decorative coating composed of cement and Lime Marble top coat , water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments .this is our own mix formula a more updated formula in comparing with traditional microcement
    It is a material suitable for indoors and outdoors; it can be applied to floors, walls, Countertops , showers And the best part is you don’t need joints! This way, it is easier to clean and preserve.

    Microlime have a wide variety of possibilities and finishes, where your imagination is the limit. Give a unique and personal style to your rooms thanks to the different textures (thick, medium, or thin), the variety of colors, the distinct varnish finishes (matte, polished, or glossy), or the metallic paints and glazes. Its handcrafted application makes each work an even more unique and exclusive one… Incomparable, for you will not find two identical surfaces..

    one of the characteristics of microlime is that you can install over tiles without making any demolition.   

  • Countertop restoration

    we can update also your countertops without demolitions using our special formula microlime we can go over your existing tiles, marble,or concrete and hardy backer sheets. sims less and we can match any color   

  • overview

    An impressively flexible material that is suitable for interiors and exteriors, base coats as well as finish coats. Can be applied to walls, floors, counters, shower stalls and can be rendered to achieve an infinite range of textures, from rustic with evident aggregate to smooth and glossy. Composed of lime that has been slaked for seven years, producing an exceptionally durable plaster. Bonds to the surface through a natural chemical process resulting in a durable, breathable, lightfast coating. May be applied directly to any mineral substrate that is untreated, unsealed, unpainted. May be applied to drywall and other non-mineral substrates providing they have been prepared with Bonding Primer.

  • Creative walls

    Hour creativity  is unlimited. each wall is special each wall should have his own personality and my work is to find that special dress

    my goal is to suit your needs .. and find the right design for your project . with your inspiration i can create something special.

    justino G . 


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